DECRA JumpStart
Qualified new contractors enrolled in JumpStart program, please submit your material invoice, before photo and after photo to receive your rebate after each of your first three DECRA installs.

JumpStart Program FAQs
1. When does the JumpStart program run?
The DECRA JumpStart Program kicks off September 1, 2016.
2. Why is DECRA offering the JumpStart Program?
DECRA is offering the JumpStart Program to assist contractors who are new to DECRA reduce the learning curve associated with trying a new product for the first time. In fact, to build the confidence of our new install contractors, DECRA is assisting contractors through the first three installs.
3. Who can participate in the JumpStart Program?
U.S. and Canadian roofing contractors who are new to DECRA roofing and have never installed DECRA roofing products in the past.
4. How does a contractor get started with DECRA and the JumpStart Program?
If you are not already enrolled in the program, you need to contact their DECRA Regional Manager or call 877.GO.DECRA for more information prior to making any submissions.
Additional Program Details:
  • DECRA JumpStart Program participants must be first-time DECRA contractors, no exceptions.
  • All participants must be pre-approved prior to participation.
  • All U.S. participants must submit a W-9 with first install. Click to download W9.
  • All Canadian contractors must submit a W-8 with first install. Click to download a W8 form
  • DECRA JumpStart reimbursement claims must be completed within 30 days of finishing each of the first three qualifying DECRA roofing installations.
  • DECRA Shingle is not included in the program.
  • All installations must be min 20sqs to qualify for the rebate. 
  • Rebate checks will be processed in approximately 90 days from submission. 
  • Canadian contractors will be issued rebates in Canadian dollars at the equivalent to the U.S. dollars amounts.
  • The DECRA JumpStart Program may be modified or discontinued at any time.
Submit photos and copies of your DECRA material invoices from your Distributor or Lumberyard dated
September 1, 2016 or later.